An Event Planner will offer you a peace of mind while saving you time and money. Hiring a consultant to plan your event has in the past been viewed as a luxury that the affluent enjoyed but the cost of hiring a professional is surprisingly affordable given the amount of details they have to work with.

Holding true to the old adage “What can go wrong, will go wrong” … but, that doesn’t mean that you have to stress if your event planner handles it. At the end of the day (or in the early hours the next morning) you, the host, will shine for hosting such a great event.

  • centralized point of contact
  • professionals who do the job with the utmost of care and expertise
  • budgeting and cost forecasting
  • establish dates and alternate dates
  • identify and reserve location
  • co-ordinate location support (such as electricity and other utilities)
  • oversee all of the operations of the day to the last detail
  • acquires permits and signage
  • arrange transportation and co-ordinate parking
  • develop creative event theme or motif and arrange decor, tables, chairs, tents, etc.
  • good sense of style and know what trends are current and which nes are outdated
  • connections with the best vendors and works at getting his/her lient the best value for their money
  • event support and security
  • highly organized and always knows what to do if things go wrong in the event of an emergency, the planner is usually prepared to deal with the crisis rather than having the host resolves
  • cleanup and more
  • highly trained staff to assist you with your meeting needs
  • awareness and knowledge of current hospitality trends and practice

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